10 Easy Ways To Revamp Your Old Shoes

Just when you dont want to throw away your old favorite shoes, try these ideas and give a perfect make over and flaunt them. Here are a few easy ways to do so!

1. Ballet Flats : Tutorial

Give yourself a trendy look with this makeover


2.Crystal Embellished Sandals: Tutorial

This super-easy DIY is sure to add some serious flair to an old (or new) pair of leather sandals!


3. Origami Bow Shoe Clips: Tutorial

jazz them up with some shoe clips


4.Bow Shoes: Tutorial

Turn your boring old black Shoes or wedges to look amazing by adding a bow to it


5. Add some fabric:  Tutorial

Refashion your old shoes by adding some fabric and make them look Chic or just match them with your outfit.


6. Flip Flop make over:  Tutorial

Simple way to update flip flops is with fabric and Mod Podge


7. Brooch it up: Tutorial

Customize your Shoes according to the Brooches


8. Glitter Star Heels: Tutorial

Keep up with this season’s glitz and glamour by glitter-fying your heels and giving them a new look through this super easy


9. Neon Touch:  Tutorial

Turn Your old Sandals Colourful with a neon Touch


10. Beaded Flip Flops: Tutorial

Start Adding Beads to make your Flip Flops look Fashionable