20 Cute DIY Keychain Ideas

Keychains! who doesnt love them , they decorate your key – an accessory which we make sure not to forget carrying daily.

Here are some cute key chains for your keys which help you identify easily. Instead of buying,  why not make some for yourself. They also make wonderful gifts for your friends and loved ones. Grab these ideas and flaunt your  key chains.

1. Havaianas Key chain: These remind a holiday at a beach each time you carry them with you!  Make it here

keychain havaiana


2. Leather key chain: For the leather lovers, when you do not want to carry something funky, this is perfect  make it here



3. Easy Hemp Key chain:  A Simple key chain you can make with a peice of hemp or bamboo cord! make it here

DIY Keychain 1


4. Pokemon key chain : The Pokemon go fever has started and its the right time to carry one with you ! make it here



5. Pom- pom key chain: An  Easy and colorful pom- pom key chain you can make in minutes  make it here



6. Lego key chain: kids will love this lego , its an amazing gift idea for kids.  make it here

Lego Key chain 1


7. Storage tube key chain: perfect to store something tiny  like a gum or a small candy make it here



8. Coin purse key chain:  Carry your coins easily in this purse with your key chain, isnt it a great idea! make it here

purse coin key chain


9. Animal key chain:  Pick your favorite animal toy and attach it to your key ! make it here

animal key chains


10. Jenga key chain:  Fan of jenga?, make a key chain with  a piece of this block . make it here



11. Emoji key chain: Happy, surprised, funny any emoji you love!  make it here

emoji key chain


12. Washi tape key chain : washi tapes are wonderful craft tools to use anywhere, for a key chain too.  make it here



13. Cluster button key chain: Reuse your old buttons to make this cute key chain. make it here

button cluster keyrings


14. Kate spade inspired Key fobs: These classy gold bow fobs made of fabric are beautiful.  make it here


15. Embroidered coin purse key chain: Another beautiful coin purse with a vintage look . make it here


16. Photo key chain: This simple picture key chain on a bottle cap can be made by kids too ! make it here


17. Stamped clay key chain: Fun to make with kids Using polymer clay  make it here

stamped key chain

18. Vintage Souvenir Spoon Keychain: Turn your vintage spoons to a key chain. make it here

vintage spoon key chain'


19. Chap stick holder keychain: A lovely and useful idea for the ones who carry their chapstick everywhere make it here



20. Hand printed keychain: Carry this adorable keychain handprinted by your loved ones. make it here


 Article by : Anasuya