20 Beautiful Diy Flower Vase Ideas

I once visited my friend prema’s colorful home and was really delighted to see wonderful displays of wall hangings and vases all around her house beautifully decorated. And surprisingly most of her collection was  made by her  just reusing old stuff and some  craft tools . Isn’t it an awesome feeling to have your house filled with beautiful stuff just made by you. Flower vases are everyone’s favorite and you will find at-least one piece in each house . I have collected some 20 flower vases to make for your home, its a real good way to reuse and upcycle plastic , glass etc.. using these ideas..

1. Coin Flower vase : This antique looking piece can be made with brass sequins or old coins . Make it here

coin_ flower _ vase


2. Metal screen flower vase : This metallic vase is made using sheet of metal.  Make it here

flower vase


3. Neon Flower Vase : This typographic neon colored vase will definitely fill your house with brightness  Make it here

Neon Typography Vases-2


4. Upcycle Jute string Flower vase : I have tried this  easy and  amazing looking piece which you can try with any glass bottle  make it here



5. Rustic rock vase :  this vase is made using simple empty can of pringles will look great on your garden table Make it here



6. A not-so-draining diy flower and candle holder  Make it here



7. Try this  easy flower centerpiece using a glass bowl Make it here



8. Gold spray painted glass vase Make it here


9. Make adorable Easter bunny mini vases from eggshells Make it here


10. Gorgeous Painted glass vases using glue  Make it here 


11.   Egg cup vase painted like  Woman’s face  Make it here


12. Mason jar chalk board vases, a perfect teachers day gift Make it here

blue i style - TeacherAppreciationMasonJarChalkboardVases


13. DIY Concrete vases make it here



14. Decorated tin turned vases Make it here


15. Mason jar Photo flower vase  Make it here

mason jar



16. DIY Upcycled glass flower vase Make it here

white vas


17.Lego blocks flower vase :  Make it here



18. Glitter Glass jar vases Make it here



19. DIY Textured clay vase Make it here



20. DIY Birch vases make it here




Article by : Anu