About Us

Hi! welcome to Pepperlace!

Our passion for food and fashion led us two friends to create this website. One of them is a busy mom of two kids is a food lover and a great blogger since 5 years is always filled with ideas on food recipes and articles.  And the other a happy wife,  loves writing , crazy for fashion.

Many a times when we  were stuck from what to cook and what to wear, searching all over , landed us at this idea of collecting some interesting meal plans, food recipes, diy projects and fashion ideas at one place. There are just so many great ideas about food, fashion , home and diy that we try to gather as articles and make it easy for you to explore. our love for food especially , has also inspired us to make some delicious recipes which we tried  and are happy to share with everyone.

Our goal at  www.pepperlace.com is for it to be an inspiring place.

Hope you enjoy your visit at pepperlace!